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GORD trains professionals in Kuwait for sustainable operations and energy efficiency

GORD trains professionals in Kuwait for sustainable operations and energy efficiency

In a bid to enhance sustainable practices in Kuwait's built environment, experts from the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD) recently conducted two comprehensive training programs. These workshops, held in Kuwait from February 18 to 20, focused on empowering professionals with the necessary expertise to drive sustainable operations and energy efficiency initiatives for the built environment.

The workshops were organized specifically for the technical staff of Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC). Among various K-companies opting for GSAS green building certifications, KOTC has also committed to curb its carbon footprint by registering its building projects under the GSAS Operations scheme. Upon completion of mandatory GSAS Operations and AEP trainings, qualified professionals will contribute to the successful certification of GSAS Operation for KOTC projects.

The first of the two workshops centered on GSAS Operations, a vital aspect of sustainable project management under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). Attendees underwent intensive training aimed at equipping them with the skills to manage projects registered for sustainable operations for existing buildings. Upon completion of the workshop, participants become eligible to contribute to projects striving for sustainability through the GSAS framework.

Participants of the recent GSAS Operations workshop are now awarded with the Certified Green Professional (CGP) license, enabling them to oversee GSAS Operations projects effectively. This course material covered in the workshop encompassed the tools, methods and strategies necessary to navigate building and infrastructure projects’ post-occupancy operations successfully.

The second workshop, held on February 18, focused on the Accredited Energy Practitioner (AEP) certification, designed to hone professionals’ expertise in energy auditing during the operational phase of buildings and infrastructure projects. The workshop, followed by AEP certification exam, provided participants with specialized training essential for conducting comprehensive energy audits. Successful completion of the workshop and exam earned attendees the esteemed AEP professional certification, authorizing them to conduct energy audits effectively.

GORD’s workshops in Kuwait aim to broaden the accessibility of sustainability courses throughout the Gulf region. Notably, Kuwait boasts the second largest collection of green buildings certified under GSAS. The recent and upcoming workshops are aimed at equipping professionals in Kuwait with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the green transformation of the built environment, aligning with the New Kuwait Vision 2035.