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GORD & Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE) to Strengthen Collaboration

On Monday, 28 August 2017, Architect Abdulla Mohd. Hijji Al-Baker (Board Member Qatar Society of Engineers) visited GORD office at QSTP and met with Dr. Yousef Alhorr (Founding Chairman GORD) and Architect Fairoz Al-Homaidi (Deputy Chairman GORD).

During the meeting, various topics of mutual significance were discussed. GORD signed an MoU with QSE earlier in 2014, to work together towards promoting sustainable practices and enhancing professional capacity of professionals working in the construction industry through training for GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) as well as other discipline based trainings.

On this occasion, Architect Abdulla Mohd. Hijji Al-Baker mentioned:

It is our goal to develop our engineers by providing them all the necessary tools for it. GORD is a part of the regulation in Qatar for sustainability rating of buildings and so we plan to train our engineers on this system. We hope to collaborate on multiple fronts and participate in the upcoming Sustainability Summit 2017 by extending the invitation to all our members as well as all our partner organizations.

Dr. Yousef Alhorr also commented:

We are looking forward to strengthen this partnership so that all stakeholders can benefit from it. Empowering Qatari engineers and other professionals with the latest knowledge and tools of sustainability is definitely key to its implementation at all levels and to achieving our vision.

Qatar Society of Engineers – QSE is a professional non-profit association, established and registered on 27 January 2007 by the Ministry of Social Affairs as part of the Qatari Law No.12 for the year 2004 with respect to initiation of Societies and Private Corporations. It hosts all types of engineers and represents them locally and overseas, being a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Federation of Arab Engineers as well as of the World Federation of Engineers. Currently, it has 300 members in Qatar.

GORD & Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE) to Strengthen Collaboration
GORD & Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE) to Strengthen Collaboration