What's Destination

Together we are more than the sum of our parts. This is what inspired the birth of Destination Green Program conceived and initiated by the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD). By exploring cross-sector synergies and promoting stakeholder engagement beyond their field of business, our program aims to widen the impact of efforts we are leading in the sustainability milieu.

If you’re a progressive organization who believes in ‘profits with purpose’, you are invited to join Destination Green Program. Help us break the silos by lending support to green projects, from all sectors, targeting climate mitigation and adaptation for a better world.

Championing Sustainability at COP27

This year, Destination Green Program will be a part of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the UNFCCC taking place from 6 to 18 November 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Joining our sustainability drive are Destination Green Eco-Champions and Eco-Leaders, who will be joining us at GORD Pavilion inside COP27’s Green Zone and sharing their unique sustainability stories with the world.

When: 7 – 12, & 14 –18 November 2022

Where: Green Zone, Booth O5 & Y25, Sharm El Sheikh International Convention Centre (SHICC), Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Destination Green

Destination Green Eco-Champions

Destination Green Eco-Leaders

Why Join Destination Green Program?

It’s time to act at scale and speed! We are only years away from 2030 – UN’s deadline to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. As the world navigates through the ‘decade of action’, nations are increasingly prioritizing low-carbon development. Political discourse is shifting in favour of climate action. Businesses are rethinking their corporate values, embedding ESG strategies and creating sustainable value chains. Millennials and Gen Zers are marking climate change among top concerns. Science too is clear. Insights emerging on global warming is hinting towards the looming climate crisis in the absence of tangible action. Our actions in the right direction can flip the script for a better future. Initiating, leading and supporting green initiatives can make a difference.

For over 14 years, GORD has been leading and inspiring change. At GORD, we help projects and organizations play their part in building a sustainable future for the region. Bridging sectors to explore synergies, we engage with industry, academia and social constituents to catalyze the path to climate-resilient future. From capacity building and RDI to enabling low-carbon infrastructure and building solutions, GORD targets all relevant dimensions of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Joining Destination Green Program means you’re a part of the change GORD is leading today.

How We Can Help You Lead The Change

Enabling the creation of sustainable built environment
Supporting the incubation of low-carbon solutions through world-class research
Endorsing standards for environmentally responsible products
Achieving decarbonization and carbon neutrality for your projects and organization
Catalyzing energy transition through advanced green solutions
Facilitating knowledge dissemination and capacity building in sustainability realm
Meeting your ESG obligations through a robust sustainability strategy
Supporting global events to become sustainable and ecofriendly
Destination Green

Join our climate cause with Destination Green

Any entity – big or small – can support GORD’s sustainability drive. As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, your support for GORD’s initiatives will have a direct impact on sustainability research, innovation and development. When you join Destination Green Program, you will be a part of GORD’s close-knit circle of partners with access to a range of privileges.