Dr Yousef Alhorr
Founding Chairman
Dr. Yousef Alhorr
Rapid economic development and urbanization growth across many regions are making the world vulnerable to unsustainable consumerism, lifestyle changes, and environmental degradation.

Various environmental challenges are threatening our existence, as well as existence of future generations. These environmental challenges include:

  • Heavy contamination of air, water and soil,
  • Depletion of natural resources including energy and water
  • Increase in all types of wastes
  • Burgeoning GHG emissions

The battle against pollution, resource depletion and carbon emissions is being fought on many global fronts, and GORD’s battleground is the ‘built environment’.

Buildings and infrastructure form a significant part of our sustainable future as this sector accounts for considerable share of energy consumption and associated GHG emissions. The brisk economic progress is fuelling strong growth in the built environment that poses sustainability challenges as well as opportunities. Qatar as well as the region have set priorities to manage environmental impacts of rapid urbanization, however considering the growth trajectory of the built environment the sustainability potential is yet to be realized.

The Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) established in 2009, led by a team of highly skilled, and multi-disciplinary committed experts, is proud of its leadership in the sustainability drive of the built environment.

GORD has pioneered a comprehensive framework for green building certification specific to the needs of the region, through development and implementation of Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) for building and infrastructure from micro and macro level perspectives.

The multi-disciplinary scientific research programs of GORD aim to foster innovation, advance knowledge, share experiences and build networks to enhance the sustainability of the built environment.

In addition, the human and institutional capacity building needed to synergize the efforts towards sustainable development has led GORD to adopt multi-dimensional capacity building approaches for addressing the needs of public, governments and businesses.

I believe that the holistic sustainability approach embarked upon by GORD will contribute to the global effort to meet the needs of the present without compromising the rights of future generations.