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Kuwait National Petroleum Company to Apply GSAS OPERATIONS Scheme

Kuwait National Petroleum Company to Apply GSAS OPERATIONS Scheme

GORD’s latest guideline for benchmarking utilities’ performance of existing buildings known as GSAS Operations, has attracted leading firms locally and regionally. Kuwait National Petroleum Company is the first in Kuwait to apply this scheme on its buildings.

On 13 April 2017, Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) in cooperation with the Research and Technology Department of KNPC, conducted a workshop for a number of employees of the department on how to apply the GSAS Operations scheme in existing buildings of the company. KNPC will be applying this scheme initially on two of their buildings: the Mina Abdullah Building and the ZOR Administration Building.

The intent of GSAS Operations scheme for new/existing buildings is to assess and rate the environmental performance of existing buildings. Its criteria and measurements focus on verifying the performance of buildings and ensuring that occupant health and comfort is maintained. The scheme aims to facilitate the operations of a sustainable built environment that minimizes ecological impact while addressing the regional environmental conditions.

GSAS Operations scheme includes four types of labeling:

  • – Energy Performance Labeling (EPL)
  • – Water Performance Labeling (WPL)
  • – Waste Management Performance Labeling (WMPL)
  • – Indoor Environment Quality Labeling (IEQL)

Each criterion in the Operations Assessment has an associated guideline that provides descriptive information for consideration to help attain the specific credit. These suggestions are in the form of recommended methods, strategies, and technologies. Individual projects consider and assess the potential advantages and benefits of the recommended Operations Guidelines in relationship to the specific goals, requirements, and conditions of the project.

An MoU was signed earlier on 28th August 2016, between GORD and KNPC, to take significant steps in the areas of environmental issues and green buildings, following which a number of workshops including the CGP (Certified Green Professional) training have already taken place in Kuwait.

The GSAS – CGP Operations workshop ended with the distribution of certificates to the participants. Dr. Suad Radwan (Director of Research and Technology KNPC) was also present at the occasion. Commenting on the successful workshop, a KNPC spokesperson said:

KNPC would like to thank GORD for arranging such a specialist workshop for Oil & Gas operational buildings which facilitated a fruitful discussion about the challenges of different Oil & Gas buildings.