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GORD takes center stage at Energy Efficiency and RetrofitTech Qatar Summit

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The Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD) recently joined the Energy Efficiency and RetrofitTech Qatar Summit as the event’s Thought Leadership Partner. The event gathered prominent stakeholders from the retrofitting, energy efficiency and sustainability sectors. It served as a platform for insightful discussions and updates on forthcoming projects in these crucial domains, emphasizing the vital role of retrofitting in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Retrofitting, a key theme at the summit, was explored as a means of upgrading buildings to enhance energy performance. The event also highlighted how public-private partnerships can incentivize such projects, leading to environmental benefits like reduced greenhouse gas emissions, economic advantages through lower energy bills and increased property values, and a more sustainable future by optimizing the performance of existing structures and systems.

The presence of GORD at the Energy Efficiency and RetrofitTech Qatar Summit was both timely and relevant, as the organization is dedicated to advancing sustainability on multiple fronts, with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. GORD's approach to sustainability aligns with the principles of “MARS": Measure, Analyze, Reduce, and Sustain, emphasizing a comprehensive energy ecosystem. During the event, GORD's members shed light on several projects and solutions that the organization is actively pursuing to accelerate the energy transition, reinforcing the organization’s role as Super ESCO. Members of GORD assumed prominent roles during the event, delivering impactful opening keynote speeches on both days and actively engaging in three panel discussions.

Among the key speakers at the summit were senior representatives of GORD Advisory, whose involvement extended to delivering keynote addresses and actively engaging in panel discussions. These insightful discussions, joined by GORD's experts, delved into critical areas exploring how the replacement of conventional energy-intensive systems with energy-efficient technologies in brownfield projects is essential to align with a Qatar’s targets and ensure a sustainable future project. Another noteworthy panel discussion, moderated by GORD Advisory's Director of Sustainability Advisory, delved deeply into the crucial topic of refurbishing aging buildings with the ultimate aim of driving a comprehensive transition towards achieving a genuine net-zero energy footprint.

Workshop on climate change for MOFA’s Diplomatic Institute