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GAB and IAS eye collaboration on improving conformity assessment market

GAB and IAS eye collaboration

To enhance and promote accreditation practices regionally and globally, Dr. George Anastasopoulo, Senior Vice President of the International Accreditation Service (IAS), met Dr. Yousef Alhorr, Founding Chairman of Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB) at the company headquarter in Qatar Science & Technology Park on Wednesday, 22 February 2023. During the visit, the two entities explored synergies and discussed ways in which they could collaborate to improve the quality and awareness of accreditation services worldwide.

Dr. Yousef Alhorr said, “We are honored to welcome IAS and excited about the potential for its collaboration with GAB. By working together, we can leverage our respective strengths and expertise to develop more effective and efficient accreditation systems that promote quality and integrity worldwide."

Dr. George Anastasopoulo said, “It was an exceptionally fruitful meeting. We had a very good discussion for the conformity assessment market in the region. The presence of IAS and GAB in the region is very strong in the accreditation sector. There are many opportunities and we are working hard to examine all the potential ways to increase our efforts to achieve our goals.”

One of the key areas of discussion was the importance of standardization and harmonization of accreditation processes across different regions and countries. Both organizations emphasized the need to work together to develop and implement common standards and practices that would facilitate the recognition and acceptance of accreditations across borders.

The meeting concluded with both organizations expressing their commitment to exploring further opportunities for collaboration in the future.

GAB and IAS eye collaboration