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GORD has published the first issue of its quarterly E-Publication titled 'Sustainability Pulse'.

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Kuwait launches first Low Energy House in collaboration with GORD

Kuwait’s National Technology Enterprises Company has opened its first Low Energy House in collaboration with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and GORD.

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This project aims to design, implement and analyze various PV/T systems with integrated cooling for improving the efficiency of Solar energy harvesting. Multiple designs for cooling the panels by different approaches of Water based, Air based, Heat-pipe dependent and Spectrum splitting will be implemented. Performance Analysis of PV panels in the extreme operating conditions of the region will be conducted and the effect of temperature and other factors will be subjected to test in the project. The effect of cooler operation of the PVs and the ­­effectiveness of the cooling methods will be studied along with the cost assessment and energy offset of the cooling and co-generation methods. The project aims to design systems with minimal losses and achieve energy conservation by co-generation of Hot water and Electricity by harvesting whole of the Solar spectrum during the process.

The systems designed at GORD explores all the possible techniques available which satisfies the project requirements and the ideas ranging from water cooling based PVT system to TEG co-generation via Spectrum Splitting of the Solar radiation.

Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Hybrid System


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