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GORD has published the first issue of its quarterly E-Publication titled 'Sustainability Pulse'.

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Kuwait launches first Low Energy House in collaboration with GORD

Kuwait’s National Technology Enterprises Company has opened its first Low Energy House in collaboration with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and GORD.

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Concentrating solar power technology is uniquely suited for self-sufficient power, heating, cooling and HVAC applications at commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural sites.

GORD Institute is testing a parabolic trough systems use curved mirrors to focus the sun’s energy onto a receiver tube that runs down the center of a trough.  In the receiver tube, a high-temperature heat transfer fluid (such as a synthetic oil) absorbs the sun’s energy, reaching temperatures of 400°C, and passes through a heat exchanger coupled with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORD) which generate electricity. 

The low grade heat is used to drive an absorption chiller and water desalination system.

Hybrid Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)


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