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Kuwait’s Fahaheel Service Center receives GSAS plaque for sustainable operations

The project has achieved Platinum rating for GSAS Operations Certification

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Sustainability Pulse Volume 2 Issue 3

This project aims to collect and germinate a wide range of available native plants in the Gulf Region. It considers an innovative approaches to reduce the demand for fresh water resources for urban landscapes in Qatar and GCC by selecting and deeply investigating the potential native plants. An exceptional demonstration site for selected species is developed for real time monitoring of water requirements and other important aspect. Significant outcomes derived that enhance the vegetation of the GCC region. Project determined the best time for the collection, cleaning and storing the seeds, the light and temperature requirements, the drought tolerances and the water requirements and many more for approximately 80 species. All the interested parties may now have the comprehensive guide which was developed regarding the propagation of the native desert plants.

Potential native plants for urban landscape of Gulf countries


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