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QSL plans to take sports to new horizons through carbon neutrality with GORD

GORD's MoU with QSL comes against a backdrop of global sporting organizations pushing for greater environmental responsibility and superior sustainability standards.

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FIFA News: Education City Stadium awarded prestigious sustainability certificates

Education City Stadium has become the first Qatar 2022 tournament venue to receive a five-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS).

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GSAS Design & Build workshop

GORD Institute aims to test the first 1TR cooling capacity solar driven adsorption chiller at its facility.  The unique features of the solar driven or waste heat system are the startup temperature can as below as 60C,  modular and scalable. The adsorption technology ensures a comfortable temperature. The principle of the technology is based on solid sorption. By taking advantage of the hygroscopic properties of the solid matter (solid) a liquid can be absorbed (sorption), also known as adsorption. This takes place in the heart of the thermo-chemical heat pump. The thermo-chemical heat pump consists of two cylindrical chambers. In each room there is a reactor, a condenser and an evaporator. In order to provide cooling a process of charging and discharging is required.

GCC First ONE TON Low Grade Heat Solar Adsorption Cooling System


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