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GORD launches the new version of GSAS at the CGP Workshop, GSAS 2019 4th Edition

GORD has launched its fourth edition of Gulf Sustainability Assessment System titled GSAS 2019.

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GSAS to be adopted in Kuwait following a strategic partnership between GORD and NTEC

In collaboration with Kuwait’s NTEC, GORD will be facilitating the implementation of GSAS through its first Center of Excellence in Kuwait.

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GORD Institute aims to test low grade heat single effect packed absorption chillers with a maximum capacity of 6TR. The chiller is coupled with a standard flat plat solar collectors. The start up temperature of the packed chiller is 70C. Solar absorption cooling technology has gained attention in the past decades and recently in the Gulf Region. Currently, most of the solar cooling systems in use are hot water driven lithium bromide absorption chillers. High-grade solar collectors could be used to provide a hot water temperature of about 90 ◦C as a heat source to drive the chiller. Solar absorption chillers consume little electrical energy; essentially the only parts that use electricity are fan motors and pumps that move the thermal transfer fluid.

All in One Solar Absorption Cooling for Domestic Application


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