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QSL plans to take sports to new horizons through carbon neutrality with GORD

GORD's MoU with QSL comes against a backdrop of global sporting organizations pushing for greater environmental responsibility and superior sustainability standards.

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FIFA News: Education City Stadium awarded prestigious sustainability certificates

Education City Stadium has become the first Qatar 2022 tournament venue to receive a five-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS).

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GSAS Design & Build workshop

GORD Institute aims to develop a hybrid eco-system that could be coupled with any waste heat device such as automobiles, electric generators, or an source of waste heat.

The generator efficiency can reach up to 5%. The eco generator could also be coupled with a fuel cell to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen addition is an effective way for improving the performance of spark-ignited (SI) and compression- ignited (CI) engines. Hydrogen is used as a supplementary fuel. The Eco system is mainly a thermoelectric generator which recovers heat form exhaust gases.

Waste Heat to Energy System


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