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Qatar’s charities bring sustainability to the fore

RACA and GORD have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a series of green initiatives in the sector of charitable activities.

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GORD launches the new version of GSAS at the CGP Workshop, GSAS 2019 4th Edition

GORD has launched its fourth edition of Gulf Sustainability Assessment System titled GSAS 2019.

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This research aims to use used air or cooling to achieve better PV efficiency as well as co-generating electric power using thermoelectric generators. The cooling was achieved by fixing two air-cooled circular finned heatsinks behind the PV Panel. The cooled PV consisted of two thermoelectric power generation modules (TEG), connected electrically in series, placed at the interface of the heatsinks and metallic heat absorber plate at the PV back surface to capture and convert the heat energy to electrical energy, making it a PV-TEG Hybrid co-generation system.


Conversion of photovoltaic heat to electricity


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