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GSAS D&B 5-Star rating awarded to Qatar Foundation’s Education City Stadium

Qatar Foundation’s Education City Stadium is the first World Cup venue to receive GSAS Design & Build 5-Stars rating.

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GORD partners with EESL to deploy energy efficient solutions across Qatar

GORD and EESL will collaborate to provide Qatari stakeholders with solutions and technologies driving sustainability.

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The project also aims to explore the potential of combining novel calcium different types of cement with recycled construction and demolition waste (CDW) streams, initially in precast non-structural units (e.g., kerbing and blocks) through to ‘minimal requirement’ structural units (e.g., lintels, window jambs etc).  However using recycled materials must not have an adverse effect on durability or the engineering properties of concrete. There is evidence that certain ‘green’ concretes may have poor carbonation resistance and properties can be adversely affected. Technically these issues can be resolved by careful specification writing for both the aggregates and their use in concrete.

There is a limitation on the use of local limestone aggregates due to durability concerns. The majority of concrete manufacturers in Qatar import gabbro aggregates from the UAE to substitute the local limestone. Hence, this project will investigate the screening and selective use of local Qatari high quality limestone aggregates in green concretes. It also explores the limestone rock crushing to provide both a fine filler (i.e., high fineness with a specific surface area >600 m2/kg and as alternative to dune sand. Limestone will also be crushed to form an alternative to dune sand for use in mortars.

Recycled and Synthetic Aggregates


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