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Upgrading GSASgate

Upgrading GSASgate

The enhanced features include the following:

  • – Uploading the GSAS CMP online using GSASgate
  • – Adding comments in every field for effective communication
  • – Monitoring the progress of the evaluation process and the score given in each criterion on every stage
  • – Streamlined functionalities with latest GSAS Construction Management Certification process

GSAS Construction Management certification is intended to assess the environmental impact of the construction process for any type of projects. GSAS Construction Management framework aims to evaluate the aspects of the construction practices that have sustainability impacts and to perform measurements related to environmental parameters.

GSASgate is an online portal for managing the submission, assessment and certification of the projects seeking GSAS accreditation. GSASgate is an integrated system, catering for the needs of all stakeholders involved in the GSAS certification process, including project developers/owners, consultants, contractors, government entities and GSAS Trust. GSASgate can only be accessed with a valid LinkMe account.