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Swift Deployment of MoU between GORD and KNPC commences in Kuwait

Following the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Kuwait National Petroleum Company and the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development to take significant steps in the areas of environmental issues and green buildings on 28th August, 2016; the initial events already commenced from 10th of October with GSAS implementation for the existing & new buildings at KNPC followed by CGP (Certified Green Professional) training for the KNPC staff from 11-13 October, 2016.

Thirty five professionals of Kuwait National Petroleum Company including engineers, architects, project managers and other disciplines attended the three-day workshop at the Safir International Hotel, Kuwait. The audience appreciated the content and methodology of the workshop and termed it to be “really interactive and fruitful".

Talking about the overwhelming response to the workshop, Lamyaa Yousef Ali Alkandari, Team Leader, R&T Coordination at KNPC commented:

Various partner organisations in Kuwait have expressed their interest for their representatives to participate in the coming GSAS certificate process for the existing & new buildings at KNPC for knowledge sharing. Also, Kuwait Oil Company showed their interest to utilize KNPC MoU to extend GORD's services to their green buildings initiative.

Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) is the first performance-based system in the MENA region, developed for rating the green buildings and infrastructures. The primary objective of GSAS is to create a sustainable built environment, considering the specific needs and context of the region.

Swift Deployment of MoU between GORD and KNPC commences in Kuwait