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QSAS Saves Costs, Energy and the Environment

Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS), a new ‘green building’ rating system developed by BARWA Real Estate Company (BARWA) and QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company (Qatari Diar), can help Qatari companies save money, reduce energy costs, and protect the environment is the opinion from senior engineers at the conclusion of a 1-day QSAS workshop held at Sharq Village.

Organized by BARWA and QATARI DIAR in collaboration with the Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE), the QSAS workshop provided more than 130 senior engineers, from across the Arab countries and some cities in Europe and Asia, with a comprehensive overview of the many opportunities offered by building green.

“There is huge potential in the building sector when it comes to fighting climate change,” confirms Dr. Yousef Al-Horr, Chairman and Managing Director in BARWA Knowledge. “More companies need to be aware that most of the costs associated with building emissions can be greatly reduced by new construction techniques. Therefore, QSAS is a solution both to environmental problems and economic challenges.”

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, green building lowers the environmental footprint and the cost of construction over its entire life cycle. Other positive green building benefits include new business opportunities, higher industrial productivity, improved social welfare, increased building comfort and better health for tenants.

Demonstrating the commitment of both companies to green building, BARWA and QATARI DIAR have introduced QSAS for all current and future projects to increase the efficiency of water, energy and materials use, while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment through better design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Engineers attending the QSAS workshop agreed that green building, given its potential role to help meet environmental and economic challenges, should be given higher importance on Qatar’s sustainable development and climate change agendas.

“Developing the QSAS based on local needs while leveraging best practices is a definite advantage, especially in countries such as Qatar where environmental, economic, social and cultural factors such as desertification, scarcity of water and cultural identity are exceptional,” said Eng. Mohamed Bin Ali Al Hedfa, QATARI DIAR’s Deputy CEO for business development and CEO of Lusail Real Estate Development Company.

Eng Ahmad Jolo, Chairman of Qatar Society of Engineers said, “the cooperation with conglomerate real estate institutions in Qatar, BARWA and QATARI DIAR, proves QSE’s strong commitment to the professional development of its members. QSAS workshop is an additional step towards creating a solid platform for engineer's development that works for the welfare of Qatar."

“Studying the local situation in Qatar has led to the formulation of value statements that are at the core of QSAS development. To derive a rating system that responds to these local priorities, it is important to translate them into a set of value statements. Each statement expresses a particular need of society, such as the need to create a livable urban fabric, the need to conserve water, and the need to safeguard against long-term health risks of the population.” said, Dr. Ali Malkawi, Director of TC Chan Center, UPenn (USA)

International engineers and consultant experts, from Europe, Asia and the Arab Countries with majority presence from across the GCC, attended the QSAS workshop and shared their feedback pertaining to challenging issues.