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Professionals from HEC Paris University did a thesis project on GORD Expansion Strategy

Professionals from HEC Paris University did a thesis project on GORD Expansion Strategy

Three professionals pursuing their higher studies Executive MBA degree from the HEC Paris University, Qatar Foundation: Houd Al-Obaidly,  Jassim Alhor and Saeed Al-Mohannadi collaborated as a team to work on a thesis project on GORD’s Expansion Strategy outside Qatar. Recently, the students visited GORD office and met with Founding Chairman GORD, Dr. Yousef Alhorr and presented him a copy of their completed thesis. Commenting on the support extended to them from GORD, they said:

This work would not have been possible without the support from Dr. Yousef Alhorr who facilitated us in gathering all the information we needed about GORD, GSAS and their other Centers of Excellence.

Dr. Yousef Alhorr congratulated the students on completing the project saying:

I really appreciate them to select GORD as the focus of their study. Our youth needs to have an in depth understanding of sustainability and the efforts and contributions done on our level towards it. I wish you all the best to play an active part in our collective drive towards a greener region and a cleaner world.

The research paper is based on the success of GORD in emerging as a market leader in the region due to the features it offers over above the competition. The local relevance of GSAS and the multiple assessment schemes offered under it make it the ideal green building rating system for the entire region and based on the detailed analysis conducted by the students, they recommend that GORD expand into markets in the GCC and beyond as this would pave the way for GORD for further penetration into international markets. And from the analysis of financial and resource commitment, the authors recommended a franchise model for this purpose with a lot of vigilance as the success and failure of the company for its first growth opportunity outside the country depends on it.