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Gulf Organization for Research & Development to conduct QSAS-CGP workshop at Qatar University Engineering Department

Gulf Organization for Research & Development to conduct QSAS-CGP workshop at Qatar University Engineering Department

Gulf Organization for Research and Development (GORD), Qatar’s leading research, consultancy and training institute, in collaboration with Qatar University, has announced that it will organize a three-day QSAS – CGP Workshop  on May 13, 14 and 16, 2012 at Qatar University’s Department of Architecture and Urban Planning/College of Engineering. Professors, faculty members and master degree holders of Qatar University will attend the Certified Green Professional workshop. The workshop comes  in line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed earlier by GORD and Qatar University which aimed to develop a general framework for coordination to teach and integrate QSAS into the university’s education curricula and to raise awareness about sustainable building practices.

The workshop will be followed, at a later stage, by a Professional Accreditation Exam for participants to be accredited as an official QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL®. 

Dr Yousef Alhorr said “GORD continues to support the region’s real estate industry through empowering industry professionals and engineers with the necessary tools and means of sustainable development. The workshop will provide candidates with:

The latest knowledge and understanding of green building practices and principles, and how they are applied in Qatar
Training for the participants to become QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL®. This will include an introduction to the certification procedures, tools, and the process of successfully guiding consultants through QSAS application and assessment requirements. The necessary educational materials that support them during their practice.”

Dr Al Horr added “The 3-day QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL® training workshop will focus on empowering Qatar University delegates with information on “how to create sustainable building projects which minimize ecological impact while addressing the specific sustainable needs of the region" added Dr Al Horr”

Professor Ashraf M. Salama, head of the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning at Qatar University, mentioned that “this workshop marks a fruitful collaboration between QU & GORD. It provides an excellent opportunity for our faculty and students to know about the latest development in the field of ‘Sustainable Design’ as it relates to architecture & urbanism. We believe that this workshop will pave the road to strengthening ties between academia and the practical realities of the profession. We are glad to be the first department in the College of Engineering to activate the agreement between the two institution”.

QSAS – CGP Workshop is offered for individuals with Engineering background and substantial years’ experience in design and/or construction. Architects as well as civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, whose background and experience are in building design and construction, will fit well within the required qualifications. 

Dr. Fodil Fadli, Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Engineering, Qatar University, and coordinator of the workshop at the department, said: “The workshop will be a great opportunity to gain new insights and learn the latest developments about sustainability issues from GORD Academy, the leading advocate and specialist in the field of sustainable development. The participants are likewise eager to learn about the strategic importance of QSAS, particularly in light of the real estate and construction boom that is happening across the country. We look forward to continue to work with GORD and to organize similar programs that will support the continuing professional development of the university’s faculty members.”

Some of the key topics that will be discussed during the workshop are the environmental challenges facing GCC, development of QSAS methodologies and processes, deployment dimensions of QSAS locally and abroad, and research & education opportunities between QSAS and Qatar University.