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GORD presents Eco Villa as the first Sustainable Qatari Modern villa

Gulf Organization for Research and Development (GORD), the authority for knowledge on sustainability in the MENA region, has today 17th of July 2012 launched “ECO VILLA”, as a landmark project that will reinforce Qatar’s reputation as a leading advocate of sustainable development. The Green Villa has been designed to achieve a score of 4 stars based on the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), as it offers a genuinely sustainable, smart and healthy living environment for residents.

Dr Yousef Mohammed Al-Horr, Founding Chairman of GORD, said: “The ECO VILLA exemplifies the vision of Qatar to be one of the global leaders in the pursuit of sustainable socioeconomic growth and development. Moreover, it is being developed according to stringent standards of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). The Green Villa will be one of the most coveted residential addresses in Qatar, while it will also serve as a model community for sustainable living.

The sustainable features of the ECO VILLA include on-site renewable energy generation system, water-efficient plumbing fixtures and irrigation system, energy reduction, indoor lighting design, and intelligent building control system. The ECO VILLA will also be constructed using sustainable and recycled eco-friendly building materials that have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission rates.

GORD has selected 3 consulting firms; LSI Architects, MYAA Architects & RHWL Architects to design a sustainable Qatari Modern villa. A committee has been formed consisting of representatives from the Museum Authority, Ministry of Cultural, Arts & Heritage, Qatar University and Private Office, in addition to region's experts to manage the bidding process and oversee the design of the ECO VILLA.

LSI Architects International is renowned for their expertise in Sustainable Design across a range of sectors, particularly in the residential sector, and has won numerous design awards in the UK and internationally for the development of Sustainable Design and Residential projects.

The villa design is a modern interpretation of traditional Qatari architecture, reflecting the culture and heritage of Qatar whilst being contemporary in character and function – it creates a new aesthetic for sustainable development in Qatar.

LSI Architects based their design on holistic sustainable design solutions that are based on the principles of GSAS. The villa is designed on the basis of a traditional Qatari Courtyard, allowing light into the core of the villa, while reducing heat again and maintaining a cool environment through the choice of construction materials, shading and the integration of natural ventilation when external temperatures allow this.

GORD presents Eco Villa as the first Sustainable Qatari Modern villa
GORD presents Eco Villa as the first Sustainable Qatari Modern villa

MYAA Architects is an international award winning architectural design studio set up in 2001 based in London and Barcelona. Their view of architecture is drawn from their overwhelming interest in urbanity and what is the impact of architecture beyond the immediate and specific question of ‘the building’.

MYAA Architects offers one solution in providing sustainable homes for Qatari’s. Key to the villa’s success is the ability of any particular scheme to be both sustainable and attractive to the Qatari public. Moreover the objective of the Villa design is to persuade and educate Qataris to live sustainably by incorporating into their everyday lives the idea of sustainability. MYAA believes this is best achieved by associating the Eco Villa with aspirational living which is attainable and within reach of the Qatari public.

The Eco Villa is also intended to be a ‘show home’, and as such, the villa acts as a platform to demonstrate, educate and introduce sustainable technologies which can also be adopted by Qataris in existing homes.

MYAA Architects envisage that the physical space of the Villa is supported by an online presence for on-going open source research. Data collection from an Eco Villa portal also provides a more direct communication channel between GORD and Qatari public.

RHWL Architects is one of the top architectural practises in the UK. It not only creates innovative buildings and award-winning architecture but also places a high value on good communication and building strong relationships with its clients.

RHWL Architects villa differ in maximizing natural ventilation and natural light against solar gain, as well as conserving water using limiters on all appliances in the building. They have designed their building form in a way to protect surrounding vegetation from harsh winds and to reduce wind turbulences at lower levels.

GORD “Eco Villa" is an example of a sustainable, smart and healthy living environment. The open- to – public landmark project will reinforce Qatar’s reputation as a leading advocate of sustainable development.

The Gulf Organisation for Research and Development is a leading organization entirely owned by the Qatari DIAR and aims to position Qatar as the capital of green building. It leads efforts to make a difference within the construction industry by promoting sustainable building standards and eco-friendly practices. It has outlined its vision to strengthen Qatar’s position as a leader in the field of sustainable development, design and construction, through the promotion of scientific research in collaboration with major local, regional and international organizations, research institutions, technology-oriented consultancies, real estate and construction companies and government authorities to find effective solutions for various environmental challenges and to ensure socioeconomic stability.