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GORD organized a new Refresher Course in collaboration with Katara

The Cultural Village Foundation, Katara hosted in its Conference Hall (Bld. 15) on November 8, a seminar organized by GORD Academy titled GSAS V2.0 Refresher Course.

The Refresher Course was carried out over a half-day and the aim of the seminar was to give the Certified Green Professionals (CGPs) the chance to update their knowledge based on the latest addenda of GSAS schemes, categories & criteria, as well as GSAS manuals, toolkits, calculators and GSASgate.

Katara supports GORD mission to promote sustainability best practices leading to a better living environment through engagement in education & outreach activities.

Hosting GORD workshops & seminars reveals Katara true commitment to enhance community sustainable awareness.

Both Katara & GORD embrace the merge in culture & sustainable investment; Katara by applying sustainability best practices among all its project/activities & GORD through innovation & knowledge dissemination.

The seminar shed light on four main topics:

1. System Related Updates

  • New schemes of GSAS compared to QSAS
  • New criteria introduce
  • Change in scoring for UC and MO by deleting negative score
  • Split of some criteria as of shading and vegetation
  • Enhancement of energy calculator by adding more input cells and better output charts

2. Certification Processes Related Updates

  • All new flowcharts & forms
  • New services like PCR and TA
  • All fees, tables and the like

3. Qualifications and Credentials Maintenance

  • CEU's and GORD Academy brochure
  • How to progress from one level to another

4. GORD Community Activities

  • New plans to introduce chapters and working groups and their ideas
  • CPD needs and their ideas