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GORD joins COP26 with sustainable building solutions

The Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD) is among the leading organizations from Qatar that participated in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Representing GORD’s senior leadership, a multidisciplinary delegation joined the event with scientific presentations, seminars and panel discussions about sustainable solutions developed by GORD and its affiliates.

GORD’s delegation at the event participated under the leadership of Founding Chairman, Dr. Yousef Alhorr. Addressing an audience of sustainability professionals, climate advocates and members of international organizations present at COP26, Dr. Yousef Alhorr said, “As an entity leading MENA’s sustainability landscape, GORD’s participation at COP26 is driven by our commitment to drive climate action. And when we speak of action, we mean on-the-ground solutions that have a direct, tangible and positive impact on the environment.”

At COP26, GORD’s centers of excellence and affiliates were part of the pavilion of Qatar Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, IETA BusinessHub and UNFCCC ActionHub. GORD’s entities present at the event in Glasgow included Global Carbon Council, GSAS Trust and GORD Institute.

Commenting on GORD’s participation in the global climate platform, Dr. Alhorr said, “Over the years, GORD has made solid contributions towards sustainable development. These include the development of low-carbon building materials, energy-efficient hybrid cooling solutions, a unique performance-based green building system, and a carbon market supporting GHG reduction programs. We joined COP26 to offer these forward-looking solutions to the world.”

Contribution at COP26:

A highlight of GORD’s participation at COP26 was the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) that in a short span of 10 years has become the most adopted green building rating system in the Gulf region. Sustainability experts from GSAS Trust – responsible for the implementation of GSAS – delivered a seminar at the pavilion of Qatar Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and at IETA BusinessHub. Concluding its participation at IETA BusinessHub, GORD Institute presented about its innovative research solutions for a low-carbon and sustainable built environment.

Apart from technical presentations, GORD also provided live demonstrations of its innovative solutions that include GSAS tools software suite, and buildings energy & water labelling (EPL & WPL) solutions. By engaging in climate change dialogue and introducing its unique green offerings to the global audience, GORD at COP26 actively joined efforts to further the organization’s mission of crafting a green legacy for Qatar and the MENA region.