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GORD Institute Promotes International Knowledge Transfer at Sustainable Built Environment Conference

GORD Institute Promotes International Knowledge Transfer at Sustainable Built Environment Conference

Academic experts and specialists in sustainable construction from Japan to Canada have descended in Doha to address the latest research and developments in sustainable building sector at the International Sustainable Built Environment Conference on the initiative of GORD Institute, the research and innovation arm of Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD).

Launching the three-day high profile event during a press briefing at the IBSE Conference venue, InterContinental Doha, Founding Chairman of GORD Dr Yousef Mohamed Al Horr outlined the astonishing amount of research that will be debated in parallel sessions, as well as discussed GORD Institute’s own cutting-edge research projects and the state-of-the-art patents and technologies.

“Research is more meaningful when a rich variety of perspectives are combined. In hosting the IBSE conference, GORD is pleased to serve as a springboard for exchange of new knowledge and to foster dialogue among scientists, engineers, and designers of the green built-environment,” said Dr Yousef Al Horr.

Enriching the dialogue at the IBSE Conference will be such luminaries as Francis Allard (La Rochelle University, France), A.S. Bahaj (The University of Suthampton, U.K.), David Borchardt (Tower Companies, U.S.), Abdol R. Chini (University of Flordia, U.S.), F. P. Glasser (University of Aberdeen, U.K.), Shinsuke Kato (University of Tokyo, Japan), Zoubir Lounis (National Research Council of Canada, Canada), Torben Siqsqaar (Aarhus University, Denmark).

Over the course of next three days, these and numerous additional participants will share views and present research abstracts in eight key areas of focus of the conference: Urban Connectivity, Construction Sites, Energy, Water, Materials, Indoor Environment, Cultural & Economic Value, and Management and Operations.

These discussion sessions have been designed to reflect the core categories of GORD’s award-winning Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), an industry-leading building sustainability rating system designed, developed and implemented by GORD.

“As GORD’s research hub, GORD Institute promotes interdisciplinary research across various interconnected fields of study such as architecture, civil engineering and construction, electrical engineering, material science, interior design, environmental psychology, and behavioural science. The IBSE Conference is a perfect platform to share GORD Institute’s research, which spans both academic and applied realms,” said Dr Yousef Al Horr.

During the Conference, GORD Institute will present its stunning array of discoveries, including a patented hybrid eco-car that has been conceptualised in Qatar and which harnesses waste heat to generate fuel.

GORD Institute Promotes International Knowledge Transfer at Sustainable Built Environment Conference
GORD Institute Promotes International Knowledge Transfer at Sustainable Built Environment Conference

Another research showcase by GORD Institute will be the solar smart dynamic panels, a patented technology that can potentially reduce building fabric thermal transmission and its contribution to operation energy by 40% or more, using less raw material and thinner wall construction.  The smart solar panels have been developed by GORD Institute in collaboration with SMEET, a subsidiary of Qatari Diar.

A major recipient of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) grants, GORD Institute will also share its on-going research in photovoltaic and thermoelectric hybrid system, which it is carrying out in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute of Physical Measurement Techniques, Germany, in addition to another research on the potential of native plants for urban landscapes, which it is conducting in collaboration with the University of Sharjah, UAE.

“GORD places strong emphasis on the power of collaboration in exchange of ideas and knowledge and hold our partners in high respect. For IBSE, we are proud to have Qatari Diar, Lusail City, and QNRF as our host sponsors. Their support is a testament of their commitment to accelerate Qatar’s progress,” said Dr Yousef Al Horr.

El Sevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific information products and services, is the organiser of the IBSE Conference. El Sevier also produces and hosts the International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment on behalf of GORD.

This peer-reviewed, high-quality journal (http://www.journals.elsevier.com/international-journal-of-sustainable-built-environment) of GORD aims to provide authoritative and insightful news and interpretation of topical and upcoming research streams in the area of built environment. The next edition of the International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment will encompass the research presentations and abstracts at the IBSE Conference.

GORD Institute, together with GORD Academy, GORD Trust, and GORD Consult forms one of the main centre of excellences of Gulf Organisation for Research and Development.