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GORD honors green building projects and contractor at QSAS Sustainability Awards

GORD honors green building projects and contractor at QSAS Sustainability Awards

Doha, Qatar, 27 February 2011: Four visionary green building projects and one green contractor are to be honoured by Gulf Organization for Research & Development at the 1st QSAS Sustainability Awards Gala Dinner taking place during the Green Building Solutions (GBS) Conference & Exhibition Doha 2011.

Rewarding outstanding achievement in sustainability and the built environment, the QSAS Sustainability Awards will be presented by H.E. Abdullah Bin Mubarak Bin A'aboud Al-Mahdadi, Minister of Environment and are widely recognized as a key benchmark for achieving sustainable best practice in the Qatari and GCC construction industry.

Gulf Organization for R&D Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Youssef Al-Horr said: “I want to congratulate all the projects considered for a QSAS Sustainability Award. With the support of the Gulf Organization for R&D, it is clear that organizations both large and small are responding to the technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural challenges which affect contemporary building and construction.”

Introduced by the Gulf Organization for R&D to provide recognition to real estate project designs with outstanding features and contributions in sustainability and the environment, the Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) Sustainability Awards encourage the construction to adopt sustainable development in all stages of planning, design, construction and maintenance of buildings.

BARWA & Qatari Diar Research Institute have worked diligently in building sustainability technical capacity among the construction industry professionals. Access to QSAS manuals and tools suit have empowered consultants to develop sustainable projects. Today, the construction industry – investors, developers, consultants, contractors – is not only adopting the green development path but also are aiming high for QSAS Standard Sustainability Assessment. During the past months, QSAS certified consultants (QSAS Service Providers) submitted many projects for QSAS Assessment.

Today, proudly we are to announce Projects which embraced QSAS Best Sustainability Practices and achieved 4-star or above in QSAS rating system and proudly we will announce the winners during the Gala dinner.

“Constructing and maintaining sustainable developments is now becoming a priority for governments, policy makers and business leaders across the globe. The QSAS Sustainability Awards recognize the hard work and innovation of many dedicated business leaders within Qatar and the GCC who are creating a ‘green building’ legacy for future generations,” added Dr. Al-Horr.

Welcoming applications from GCC projects that have reached an advanced stage of design or construction, and have achieved a 4-star rating or higher in the QSAS Design scheme, the QSAS Sustainability Awards rate different aspects of the project’s environmental impact: Urban Connectivity, Site, Energy, Water, Materials, Indoor Environment, Cultural & Economic Value and Management & Operations.

The second category of the award program is open to “Green Contractors” who have demonstrated a track record of green construction practices and who have achieved a rating level of 4-Star or above in QSAS Green Construction Practices scheme.

GORD honors green building projects and contractor at QSAS Sustainability Awards
GORD honors green building projects and contractor at QSAS Sustainability Awards

QSAS Sustainability Awards celebrate outstanding construction best practices in the eight QSAS Categories:

Urban Connectivity

  • Minimizing the level of noise produced by construction activities affecting nearby buildings and surrounding environment.
  • Avoiding contamination of waterways to reduce the burden on public treatment facilities.
  • Minimizing the amount of water collected from dewatering process entering municipality storm water system.
  • Minimizing the level of dust and fine particulate by construction activities affecting nearby buildings and the surrounding environment.


  • Conserving fossil fuel through efficient transportation facilities and equipment.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions through the use of efficient equipment, use of natural gas, clean or hybrid fuel, etc.
  • Participation in Carbon Offset scheme through support of project that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in short or long term


  • Reducing water consumption at construction site through the usage of water efficient fixtures, grey water treatment, recycle and reuse, etc.


  • Encouraging the use of construction elements and materials made from recycled content in order to reduce the need for virgin materials
  • Encouraging the re-use of construction elements and materials on-site and off-site
  • Design and construction temporary facilities for ease of disassembly in order to facilitate future re-use or recycling

Cultural & Economic Value

  • Maximizing the percentage of construction expenditures for goods and services originating from the national economy

Management & Operations

  • Encouraging recycling during the construction process in order to minimize waste taken to landfills and incineration facilities.
  • Protection of mechanical equipment and initiation of mechanical systems in such way to prevent contamination by dust, moisture, dirt and mold.
  • Encouraging construction health and safety planning based on international standards such as NEBOSH.
GORD honors green building projects and contractor at QSAS Sustainability Awards