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GORD Academy hosts in-person GSAS Workshop on construction management

GORD gathers sustainability experts to elevate ESG reporting practices
GORD gathers sustainability experts to elevate ESG reporting practices

GORD Academy of the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) recently organized a two-day workshop aimed at enhancing sustainability during construction phase of projects seeking Construction Management certification under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). Held at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC), GSAS Construction Management Certified Green Professional (GSAS-CM CGP) Workshop is part of GORD's ongoing capacity building program to support green building practices guided by the GSAS framework.

The primary objective of GSAS-CM CGP workshop was to train engineering professionals in the principles and practices necessary to achieve GSAS Construction Management certification for their construction projects. Completion of the workshop authorized attendees to work as Certified Green Professionals (CGPs) for Construction Management on GSAS projects.

The workshop focused on strategies to reduce the environmental impact of projects during the construction phase, including measures such as dust suppression, noise control, energy and water conservation, site safety enhancements, improved labor conditions and efficient waste management practices.

Attending the event were representatives from leading public and private organizations in the construction industry including Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal), Qatar National Bank (QNB), Intelligent Data Communication (IDC), United Architects and China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRC). One of these participants was Engineer Ahmed Salah Rashdan, Senior Manager in the Projects Department at QNB. He expressed his motivation for attending the workshop, highlighting his involvement in managing QNB's projects and the bank's recent commitment to pursuing GSAS certifications to enhance its environmental performance. “We should be fully aware of the GSAS requirements for construction when we hire a contractor to handle our projects,” he said. Engineer Mansoor Mansour Jafar S Al Mosawi, Architectural Engineer in Building Projects Department at Ashghal, said, “It’s essential to attend these trainings because there are certain details you need to know, especially when you’re on sites.”

During the two-day workshop, sustainability experts from GORD delivered comprehensive guidance on sustainable construction practices, covering topics ranging from the development of a Construction Management Plan to the intricacies of CM audits conducted during project construction. Participants gained practical insights into implementing sustainability throughout various phases of construction.

GORD gathers sustainability experts to elevate ESG reporting practices