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Construction Industry Professionals laud GSAS at the CGP workshop

GORD welcomed another mix of professionals from the construction industry to its Certified Green Professional training held at the QNCC from 24-26 May, 2016. The three-day workshop focused on “how to create sustainable building projects which minimize ecological impact while addressing the specific sustainable needs of the region". Through an interactive session, he took the audience through various GSAS procedures, tools, applications and assessment requirements, with special focus on local challenges and requirements.

The audience very much appreciated the open environment of the workshop.

It was a very practical workshop with examples from the local context. It also touched upon the cultural value of the place as well. It kind of set the pretext that, before even starting anything, we as professionals should genuinely care about the environment and sustainability.

said Joanne Ghizlaine Rodrigues, a Mechanical Engineer at the FD Consult. Another participant, Zina Kamal the Environmental-in-Charge at Bin Omran Trading and Contracting commented:

When you hear about the concept of GSAS certification, you might think that it would be really difficult to attain or where to start from, but once you are taken through it, you realize how practical it is and not even any additional costs required to attain the basic ratings.

At the end of the workshop, Dr.Yousef Alhorr, GORD’s Founding Chairman appreciated the participants' interest and Trust in the GSAS and GORD and gave an overview of the GSAS recent milestones. With this workshop, a total of 1528 industry professionals from across the globe have received the CGP training so far in a total of 47 CGP Workshops held in the four countries of GCC namely Qatar, Kuwait, Oman & Saudi Arabia since 2009. Of these, 977 have already successfully passed the online CGP certification.