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BDQRI presents QSAS exam qualification certificates

Responding to the heavy demand from companies who wish to know more about sustainable ‘green’ building design, the BARWA and Qatari Diar Research Institute (BQDRI) has held its latest Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) workshop during which 41 candidates represented companies, consultancy engineering offices, and government ministries and institutions.

BQDRI Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Youssef Al-Horr presented certificates of honor to 20 delegates who progressed from the workshop and passed the QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL examination.

QSAS workshops are conducted by BDQRI in cooperation with experts and researchers from T.C. Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies at the University of Pennsylvania at BARWA Knowledge Building.

Dr. Al-Horr said that the workshop attracted a number of global consultancy companies such as Mosel, GHD and Hayder, as well as environmental experts from the Ministry of Environment and Doha municipalities.

He added that spreading the green aspects in the state of Qatar depends on many factors like development and research in addition to organizing exhibitions and training workshops, nonetheless QSAS workshops increase public knowledge about the concept of green building and how sustainability can be achieved in the real estate sector. Besides commercial and investment measures, the real estate sector currently has environmental measures which contribute in raising its commercial and investment values.

Dr. Al-Horr added: “QSAS workshop participants have passed a 4 hour exam checked by a committee of experts from our partners at the University of Pennsylvania. Most of the participants completed the exam in a highly professional manner, indicates a professional attitude and their recognition of the importance of QSAS.”

Dr. Al-Horr confirmed that on Monday 25 January a special QSAS workshop will be conducted. “We were surprised by the huge number of applications presented to the institute to register in the latest workshop, as well as a similar number of applications from outside the State of Qatar."

Confirming the high level of interest and clear desire of Gulf countries to adopt QSAS, the BQDRI is expected to announce details of GCC workshops outside of Qatar in the near future.

Dr. Al-Horr said that there is a global trend to benefit from renewable resources such as solar energy and wind, which will allow Qatar to enter a new era and assist all the countries of the region in adopting environmental aspects in building design which embrace the traditions of individual countries.

Dr. Al-Horr expressed his view that spreading the principles of green building need maximum implementation and gradual execution.

Awarded first place in the QSAS workshop was Education City Project Manager, Mr. Maher Shatila. Commenting to Al Raya Business, Shatila said: “I was surprised but delighted by the high proficiency of the BDQRI workshop.”

Considering on his other global certificates in green building such as the American LEED system, Shatila added: “When I compare LEED with QSAS, I find that QSAS covers more articles than LEED, In addition QSAS matches the local building environment in Qatar."

He added that the QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL exam was particularly difficult to pass, and the information as well as the exercises was really of the highest quality.

Maher Shatila is hopeful Education City will adopt QSAS for its students instead of the American LEED system because of its comprehensive nature.

After attending the QSAS workshop and passing the QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL® exam, Mr. Mohammed Abo Aqila Sleiman, Expert from the Ministry of the Environment, encouraged larger number of trainees from public and private institutions to attend to increase awareness of environmental issues in Qatari society. He noted that it is time to adopt the Qatari assessment system – QSAS – to build sustainable cities that preserve the architectural identity of Qatar.

QSAS training workshops operated by BQDRI aim to empower construction professionals and engineers with the necessary tools and means of sustainable development. The QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL® training workshop provides candidates with:

  • -The latest knowledge and understanding of green building practices and principles, and how to apply them in Qatar
  • -Training to become QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL®. This includes an introduction to the certification procedures, tools, and the process of successfully guiding consultants through QSAS application and assessment requirements.
  • -The necessary educational materials that support them during their practice.

BARWA and Qatari Diar's training workshop offers selected candidates the opportunity to attend a Professional Accreditation Exam to be recognized as an official “QSAS – CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL®