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Qatar’s charities bring sustainability to the fore

RACA and GORD have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a series of green initiatives in the sector of charitable activities.

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GORD launches the new version of GSAS at the CGP Workshop, GSAS 2019 4th Edition

GORD has launched its fourth edition of Gulf Sustainability Assessment System titled GSAS 2019.

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Construction Industry Stakeholders Express Confidence in GSAS and the Sustainability Advancement in Region.

Apr 04,2017


The interactive workshop, conducted by Dr. Esam Elsarrag (Director of Research & Development, GORD) aimed to inform and empower sustainability practitioners with the necessary tools and means to address and implement ‘best practice’ over the course of the construction phase towards sustainable construction methods to minimize the negative impacts associated with construction requirements, processes and on-site practices.

The workshop participants represented various stakeholders involved in the ongoing construction of mega projects in Qatar. Speaking about the workshop and about the GSAS certification process overall, many participants appreciated the dynamic methodologies used for explanation including actual examples and demonstration of procedures. 

A team of senior sustainability professionals from the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy also attended the GSAS Construction Management workshop and expressed full confidence in the role of GSAS in achieving the sustainability standards of QV2030. Here are some of the comments taken from the attendees:

"I find GSAS to be very forward thinking. With initiatives like this, the Gulf region has definitely got the ambition and desire to become sustainable and like all emerging markets, it's undergoing the process of implementation at all levels. The contractors have to be educated, the professionals to be trained and the clients also need to fully understand what all they will be able to achieve; and workshops like this is the best way to articulate this sustainability message and to spread the word. I find it very informative. There's been an enormous change in the construction industry over the last decade in terms of a shift towards sustainability. It's already had a major impact in the West and it is beginning to have a big impact in this region also, with large infrastructural projects in progress in the UAE and here in Qatar which is very positive because sustainability is the future and the right way to go." Rafik Bodhanya

"In my view, GSAS is very crucial for each one of our projects because we are talking about the legacy of a country here. We need to build buildings that are sustainable for the times to come. This is not just about any specific time period or event, it is a change that is already shaping up and will continue and everyone needs to work towards it collectively. We progressed a lot in the last decade with many projects already GSAS certified and I'm sure over the next few years, after studying data from these, GORD will be able to come up with newer, updated studies and standards as this is a continuous learning process. Our common objective is to choose what's best for the country and for the world and the environment overall.  The government sector is already implementing these sustainable options and I think the private sector is also looking at GSAS because be it a hotel or amusement park or any commercial building; making it sustainable will only help them maintain their business for a longer period of time."   Khalifa Al Mana



"I am an architect working with Dar Al Handsah Consultants based in Jordan and I did my CGP training in Oman. I Found GSAS to be very practical and personalized for the region. It is taught in a very interesting way like this workshop is very engaging. Also, a lot of material is accessible through the website where I go to check updates and related news and views. I see the system evolving with newer topics and courses and trainings like this one to address the growing needs as we can see more and more projects in the region are adapting GSAS." Majeda Sultan Hattar

"We are working on the Doha Metro Red Line and I did my CGP training about 18 months ago. Working in the local construction industry, I think these trainings are definitely a valuable qualification since every major project is signed up with GSAS and it seems to be the way forward. And since we're all working with the same system, it is a good platform for industry professionals to interact and share practices and experiences. Recently, I noticed the website of GORD. It's very nice with interesting stories featuring different perspectives from professionals. Also, I received information about their sustainability journal which is a great initiative." Sarhan Bin Haris


"I liked the way this workshop was conducted with examples from local context. It's informative and interesting as well to learn from Dr. Esam with his experience and authority on this subject. It is a complex process to go through the certification process and you need to understand each category in detail and having an interaction like this workshop helps for sure to have this understanding. The concept of sustainability is relatively new in this region and the industry is definitely benefitting at various levels when we study these aspects and implement in designing, construction or maintenance stages and I would say GSAS has been an important step in the progression of construction industry in Qatar and the region". Vicente A. Milan



"We are working on the Qatar Metro Green Line, doing the MEP design and we also have the CGP role for both Design & Build and Construction Management. I find GSAS Certification quite challenging and also very interesting. These updates and training sessions are very helpful because GSAS is a constantly evolving process so these workshops are very much looked forward to and I'm here to get this information and updates so we have guidance and can deliver efficiently. It is great to be involved with such a dynamic organization like GORD."  Jan Salmond, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Hoare Lea Qatar LLC

Towards the end of the workshop, Dr Esam updated the CGPs on multiple additional platforms offered by GORD for close coordination and recognition within the sustainability community such as:

and the upcoming Region's Leading Exhibition for Sustainable Solutions  Green Expo 2017

Other News

Jul 09, 2019

Qatar’s charities bring sustainability to the fore

RACA and GORD have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a series of green initiatives in the sector of charitable activities.

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Apr 18, 2019

GORD launches the new version of GSAS at the CGP Workshop, GSAS 2019 4th Edition

GORD has launched its fourth edition of Global Sustainability Assessment System titled GSAS 2019.

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Apr 10, 2019

GSAS to be adopted in Kuwait following a strategic partnership between GORD and NTEC

In collaboration with Kuwait’s NTEC, GORD will be facilitating the implementation of GSAS through its first Center of Excellence in Kuwait.

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Mar 27, 2019


Al Bidda Tower, home for Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is awarded the GSAS Operations Platinum certificate


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Mar 18, 2019

5th meeting of GCC Technical Subcommittee for Green Building Specifications in Kuwait

Chaired by the State of Qatar, Kuwaiti Public Authority for Industry (PAI) hosted the 5th meeting of GCC Technical Subcommittee for Green Building Specifications...

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Mar 14, 2019

Global Sustainability Academy organizes a workshop on GSAS-Operations certification

GSAS Operations certification aims to reduce the environmental impacts of existing buildings, to improve health and well-being

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Mar 07, 2019

32 professionals qualified for GSAS D&B CGP Certification

Throughout the three days, delegates learned about GSAS rating system, GSAS various certificates, and intensively tutored the GSAS-D&B

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Feb 25, 2019

GORD Participates in QF Cafe to Highlight the Importance of Reducing Carbon Emissions

GORD participated in this year's QF + Cafe, organized by Qatar Foundation, where the event aims to highlight sustainability and environmental issues

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