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GSAS D&B 5-Star rating awarded to Qatar Foundation’s Education City Stadium

Qatar Foundation’s Education City Stadium is the first World Cup venue to receive GSAS Design & Build 5-Stars rating.

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GORD partners with EESL to deploy energy efficient solutions across Qatar

GORD and EESL will collaborate to provide Qatari stakeholders with solutions and technologies driving sustainability.

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The GSAS CGP workshop gave a wholistic understanding of the concept of sustainability covering all aspects

Jan 21,2018

GORD Academy welcomed 2018’s first group of GSAS Certified Green Professionals to a 3-day GSAS Design & Build workshop held in QNCC from 16-18 January 2018.

Capacity building has been a priority of GORD as it is very crucial for success implementation of a system. Since 2009, GORD Academy has trained more than 5,000 professionals in GSAS workshops with more than 2,000 GSAS certified practitioners.

During the introduction to the workshop moderated by Dr. Esam Elsarrag (Director R&D GORD), he elaborated on the 8 categories of impacts resulting from the built environment: Air pollution, land use and contamination, fossil fuels depletion, water depletion and water pollution, materials depletion, human health and the climate change. Explaining the objective behind the development of GSAS, he said, “What was needed to create a sustainable built environment that minimizes the ecological impact, was a sustainability rating system supported by a set of performance based standards that address the specific regional needs.” 

The workshop was attended by a wide array of professionals working in various disciplines of the construction industry from project managers to mechanical, electrical and civil engineers to architects, interior designers and sustainability as well as environmental and sustainability engineers and energy specialists. 

As the workshop progressed over the three days, we discussed with various groups and individuals regarding their take away from the sessions. For Anam Waheed who is an environmental engineer in Alstom working in environmental compliance - the workshop helped her look at the bigger picture and seeing the project as a whole with relation to other sustainability aspects she hadn’t focused on earlier such as urban connectivity and other architectural aspects. Also, Khaled Mahdy, an electrical engineer from FD Consult agreed that though he often heard the term sustainability and sustainability systems, he wasn’t clear how it related to his work or about its various components and their management. After the workshop he got this clarity and said, “It’s much more than just recycling or switching off lights as commonly understood.”


A group of professionals from Consolidated Contractors Company included MEP Engineers Adnan El Cheikh Mohamad & Bernard Ghanem who agreed that though they were familiar with GSAS before attending the workshop, its various categories and weightages sounded a bit complex, but the workshop made it quite easy to understand and the examples given during the workshop helped them relate to applying it to their respective area of work and made the evaluation process simple and systematic. It also helped them understand the different sustainability systems, the commonalities and differences among them hence, it was an understanding of sustainability as a totality and not in isolation. Adnan reiterated in the end, “We would like to witness GSAS become a common standard practice in Qatar rather than an optional contractual requirement.”



These GSAS Certified Green Professionals are now an active part of GORD's online sustainability community called Linkme where professionals can connect and interact with; learn and inspire from members locally as well as from all over the world, working in various fields related to sustainability.

If you would like to be a part of this community, sign up on www.linkme.qa today!



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Jun 30, 2020

CNN News: Education City Stadium receives five stars from GORD's GSAS

The stadium is the first from Qatar 2022 to receive five stars from the Global Sustainability Assessment System.

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CNN News: Education City Stadium receives five stars from GORD's GSAS
Jun 22, 2020

GORD partners with EESL to deploy energy efficient solutions

GORD and EESL will collaborate to provide Qatari stakeholders with solutions and technologies driving sustainability.

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Jun 11, 2020

GORD to support the sustainable expansion of Hamad International Airport

GORD will be assisting HIA throughout its expansion in incorporating sustainability with the implementation of GSAS.

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Apr 12, 2020

GORD publishes first issue of Sustainability Pulse

GORD’s new quarterly e-Publication 'Sustainability Pulse' is aimed at empowering the sustainability community through key market intelligence.

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Mar 30, 2020

GORD introduces unprecedented business support measures to support the sustainability community amid COVID-19

The measures are meant to ensure business continuity and uninterrupted operations.

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Mar 03, 2020

Kuwait launches first Low Energy House in collaboration with GORD

Kuwait’s National Technology Enterprises Company has opened its first Low Energy House in collaboration with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and GORD.

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Feb 29, 2020

Policy Update: New Requirement for GSAS Operations Service Provider License

All GSAS Operations Service Providers seeking new or renewal of their licenses must have at least one professional holding a valid GSAS Accredited Energy Auditor certificate.

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Feb 20, 2020

GORD and Dar Al Handasah Consultants co-organize GSAS workshops in Lebanon

Expanding its reach across the MENA region, GORD has concluded GSAS training sessions in Beirut, Lebanon.

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