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GORD to support delivery of Qatar’s carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has signed an agreement with GORD to support the delivery of a carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup™ in 2022.

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Key MoUs signed at Qatar Sustainability Summit

Key MoUs signed between GORD and Supreme Committee, UNESCO, and Doha Bank on the opening day of Qatar Sustainability Summit that opened in the presence of the Minister of Municipality and Environment.

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GORD Representatives lined their vision to establish Qatar as the Gulf’s ‘Capital of Green’

Apr 27,2011

“The GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT aims to ensure a healthy, rich and diverse environment for present and future generations in support of the environmental pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030,’ promises Dr. Al-Horr.

“Our vision is for Qatar to be the leader in sustainable development, design and construction. The GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT will be one of the driving forces behind this transformation, achieving recognition by the construction industry and real estate sector as an invaluable contributor to the delivery of sustainable development.”

Al-Horr also stated that the coming period, especially after adopting the new Qatar Green building code which coincides with QSAS, will witness the need for an independent entity which asset the governmental and non-governmental projects in a transparent method away from any outside effects.

Considered “the best of the best” sustainable rating system in the world, before QSAS was deprived from over 40 national and international rating methods, QSAS focuses on the region’s social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions which are different from other parts of the world where issues such as power consumption, scarcity of water and cultural identity are neglected. QSAS then was highly welcomed from various corporations working in this field which helped in adopting it quickly addition, the huge success of the first conference and exhibition held last month and attended by hundreds of professionals from Qatar and the world to participate in the workshops and seminars, as well as thousands of visitors who visited the exhibition, gave a clear indication that the Qatari market is so promising in this field and has all capabilities to develop rapidly.

Training and qualification

On the training and qualifying level, GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   will provide great opportunities for training professionals in the field of development, building and designing according to QSAS standards. Hundreds of professionals in the building field were qualified so far as QSAS accredited, and GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   is working on building Qatar resources of engineers and architects who appreciate the importance of the cultural heritage for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Education and studies

Enhancing its reputation as the Gulf’s pre-eminent sustainable development research and education institution, the GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   is working with a growing number of partners who are eager to adopt QSAS sustainable development standards. Major universities including Kind Fahd University for Oil and Minerals, University of Pennsylvania (USA) and University of Khartoum have introduced QSAS into their curriculum for student engineers and architects. In addition, Qatari Diar and Barwa Real Estate Company have implemented QSAS as the environmental standard for all future developments and the GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   has signed agreements with Kahramaa and Ashghal to develop sustainable buildings that provide a better environment for citizens and residents.

Research applicable projects

GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   intends to conduct many applicable research projects aiming to speed the application of QSAS standards and provide practical models where people and investors can follow when they need to adopt QSAS in the building.

First: building a model villa according to the Qatari architecture, where design principles take into consideration the capability of the building to adapt with weather and environmental factors, through mixing the old methods in building houses with modern methods, in relation with friendly environment materials of high isolation efficiency or free of harmful substances. Besides, modern technology will be implemented in economy cooling, water treatment to reuse it in irrigation and washing, as well as adapting best practices in energy efficiency and fostering natural aeration. There are many sides who expressed their readiness to contribute in this work, including consultancy companies, contracting companies, or real estate companies.

Second: cooling using solar energy. The traditional cooling consumes two thirds of the energy consumed in the house, thus it increases the emissions of harmful carbons. The usage of solar energy for cooling purposes is so important. Using solar energy for heating water is widely used in many countries around the world, but using this kind of energy for cooling is innovative and new for research, in a time where cooling is much needed in summer. Thus, GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   researches will focus on developing cooling system which relies on solar energy to cover the biggest part of cooling demands, and this will lead to reduce using the electrical power to the minimum level.

“In Qatar the economic, social, health and environmental benefits of sustainable development are now becoming widely accepted. It is the duty of the GULF ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT   to continue educating Qatar’s construction industry and to be at the forefront of finding solutions which are not only environmentally sustainable, but have positive social and economic impacts,” says Dr. Al-Horr.

Other News

Nov 05, 2019

Destination Green Campaign, Sustainability Awards and live scribing among highlights of Qatar Sustainability Summit

GORD has launched Destination Green campaign – a novel initiative aimed at promoting sustainability in the region.

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Nov 04, 2019

FIFA News: GORD to support delivery of Qatar’s carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has signed an agreement with GORD to support the delivery of a carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup™ in 2022.

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Nov 03, 2019

Qatar Sustainability Summit stirs debates on policies, solutions and implementation of sustainability

Stimulating insightful discussions on sustainability, climate actions and carbon neutrality, Qatar Sustainability Summit concluded on October 28.

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Oct 27, 2019

Key MoUs signed at Qatar Sustainability Summit

GORD has signed MoUs with Supreme Committee, UNESCO, Doha Bank and Terre Policy Centre at Qatar Sustainability Summit.

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Oct 02, 2019

GORD highlights the economic role of sustainability at Doha Bank’s "Qatar – Land of Opportunities"

Senior leadership from GORD marked their presence at Doha Bank’s leading corporate event "Qatar – Land of Opportunities".

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Sep 30, 2019

GORD to cut down Qatar’s carbon footprint with energy audit workshops

Consolidating efforts to achieve sustainability goals set forth by Qatar National Vision 2030, GORD has revealed plans to introduce energy audits workshops by 2020.

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Sep 25, 2019

GORD launches first experiential workshop on solar PV systems

The course titled “Techno-Economic Evaluation of PV Systems” was the first-of-its-kind workshop held on September 18 and 19 at Qatar National Convention Center.

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Sep 17, 2019

Al-Attiyah Foundation and GORD Celebrate Partnership Agreement

Al-Attiyah Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the GORD on 12 September 2019, at the St Regis Hotel, Doha.

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