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Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPVs)

Concentrating photovoltaic systems make use of a large area of lenses or mirrors in order to focus sunlight on a small area of photovoltaic cells.

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Hybrid Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrating solar power technology is uniquely suited for self-sufficient power, heating, cooling and HVAC applications at commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural sites.

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Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Hybrid System

This project aims to design, implement and analyze various PV/T systems with integrated cooling for improving the efficiency of Solar energy harvesting. Multiple designs for cooling the panels by different approaches of Water based, Air based, Heat-pipe dependent and Spectrum splitting will be implemented.

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Hybrid PVTC Systems

This research project aims to improve the throughput of PV panels by reducing the PV temperature and utilizing the low grade heat in a desiccant cooling system. The PV performance will improve by reducing the PV panel temperature and the overall efficiency will improve due to the utilization of the thermal load.

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Bi-Facial PVs with cold mirrors

This research project aims to test bifacial PVs using unique techniques. The study involved an innovative concept in multiple ways to create a PV-TEG Hybrid. The PV used was a custom made Bi-Facial PV, which can absorb solar radiation from both sides and hence provide more power than a normal PV panel of the same size.

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