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Research Projects

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Districts

The project aims to create an understanding of emission pathways within Doha and develops approaches for their reduction in the built environment. The main approach is to build a 3D modeling tool. New and existing building database containing all buildings specific information, planned and projected growths within the various city districts

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Carbon Capture & Storage

This project aims to develop a mathematical optimisation model for the design of integrated carbon capture, transport and storage infrastructure in Qatar under carbon trading scheme. It determines emission capture location and the capture amount of each power plant.

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Carbon Capture and Utilisation from a Small-Scale CHP

This project aims to capture and utilize CO2 and produce cement using sea water brine. The process consists of the reaction of a CO2 rich gas stream with desalination brine, rich in Mg2+ ions, to form MgCO33H2O, Nesquehonite, in alkaline media. After drying of the solid, the molecule of Nesquehonite is dehydrated to form the main product, which consists of a dehydrated magnesium carbonate cement with cementitious properties upon rehydration.

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