Khalifa Stadium Energy Center & Office Building
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 GSAS Certificates
GSAS Certificate Design & Build - Khalifa Stadium Energy Center &Office Building
GSAS Certificate Design & Build 3 Stars
 Project Description
The Employer requires an Energy Centre to serve the Khalifa Stadium and also to serve some existing buildings and other buildings related to future expansion works and an Office building to accommodate Aspire staff. The Energy Center is with a cooling capacity of 58,000Ton, ,having 11 Cooling Towers.​
The Project consists of ​:
  • Energy Centre​
  • Office Building​
  • TES Tank
 GSAS Project Details
GSAS Scheme Commercial
GSAS Certificate GSAS Design & Build
Rating(3) STAR
Owner Aspire Zone Foundation
Project Developer Aspire Zone Foundation
Address Aspire Zone - Qatar