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ما هو الجديد

ما هو الجديد

أحدث الأخبار

تقرير جديد يكشف عن تدوير ٧٩٪ من مخلفات تشييد استادات كأس العالم قطر ٢٠٢٢

كشف تقرير أصدرته اللجنة العليا للمشاريع والإرث والمنظمة الخليجية للبحث والتطوير (جورد) عن أن استادات كأس العالم FIFA قطر 2022™ ...

إقرأ المزيد

ضمن منظومة النقل الذكي في قطر أشغال تلتزم باستدامة مواقع مشروع برنامج النقل بالحافلات العامة

تأتي هذه الورشة في إطار جهود "أشغال" لدمج الاستدامة في خططها لتوسيع منظومة النقل الجماعي ...

إقرأ المزيد
Waste Management

النشــر العلمي

Solar pond powered liquid desiccant evaporative cooling

 Approaches to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the built environment: Low carbon cities

 Spectrum splitting for efficient utilization of solar radiation: a novel photovoltaic–Thermoelectric power generation system

Climate change mitigation through energy benchmarking in the GCC green buildings codes

Environmental assessment of aqueous alkaline absorption of carbon dioxide and its use to produce a construction material

 Creating a better healing environment in Qatari healthcare sector: Exploring the research agenda for the future

 Green building practices: Optimisation of CCHP and biomass heating for maximum CO2 reduction in a mixed-use development

 A novel solar desiccant cooling system with Low grade heat source for GCC countries

Modelling the thermal energy demand of a passive-house in the gulf region: The impact of thermal insulation

The impact of tuneable u-value on energy efficiency and carbon emissions of an eco-villa in the gulf region

Improving building fabric energy efficiency in hot-humid climates using dynamic insulation

Using micro cogeneration technologies to enhance the sustainable built environment

Experimental investigation on water recovery from the atmosphere in arid humid regions

Environmental impact assessment of new district developments

Germination and seedling performance of five native legumes of the arabian desert

Seed germination and growth performance of aerva javanica (Burm.f.) Juss ex schult

Revealing the primary objectives of green construction standards

Ethnobotanical magnitude towards sustainable utilization of wild foliage in arabian desert

Using dynamic facade for Indoor air quality, Thermal comfort and energy efficient air conditioning

The eco-villa: Research and demonstration project on the use of adaptive insulation in the gulf region

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