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منطقة راس بوفنطاس الحرة تحصل على شهادة "جي ساس" للاستدامة

حصل مجمع الأعمال والابتكار في منطقة راس بوفنطاس الحرة على شهادة "جي ساس" للتصميم والبناء من فئة 3 نجوم

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Sustainability Pulse Volume 2 Issue 2


Green Energy Event in Qatar showing the latest products and innovation in renewable energy

Posted by onMay 18,2017

The region’s renewable energy potential is high, particularly for wind and solar projects.  2015 Figures from IRENA Show that renewable energy sources in Qatar account for only 0.4% (35.6MW) total power generation capacity.  This shows that despite favourable natural conditions for renewable energy development, there is much room for progress in utilising these resources.


Most Arab countries are part of the SunBelt, benefiting from solar insolation levels that are among the highest in the world (as high as 6.5 kWh/m² per day).  Whilst the solar atlas resource mapping for Qatar is still ongoing these figures show that potential for PV is high, and as yet an untapped market.


With the ratification of the Paris Agreement further driving the requirement for renewable energy, many countries including Qatar have detailed the proactive steps to be taken by the government and citizens to address the requirements of becoming more sustainable.  The vision is to move Qatar away from its dependency on oil and gas and provide income and energy from alternate, clean energy sources.


Green Expo 2017 aims to connect exhibitors with an audience actively seeking products, solutions, and technologies related to sustainable built environment, clean energy and industry and green mobility.  This green energy event in Qatar will give exhibitors the opportunity to reach an audience seeking renewable and clean energy products. Access to a diverse range of attendees such as architects and engineers, designers and contractors, developers, building owners and government representatives, gives you a fertile market. Statistics indicate that trade show attendees have the purchasing power that enables them to buy exhibited services or products.


To further aid attendees the exhibition is laid out with dedicated pavilions, one of which is the ‘Clean Energy and Industry Pavilion. This will cover the following sectors of the sustainability event:


Water Systems

Clean Energy

Carbon Emissions

Waste Management


As construction professionals are moving towards creating certified green buildings and utilising clean energy, they face challenges that you can help them meet. Seeking information and sourcing products from providers and networking with like-minded professionals makes participating at a trade show a worthwhile exercise for exhibitors and attendees alike.


Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) has developed the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). The main objective of the system is to promote a sustainable built environment that minimizes ecological impact while creating a better living environment. Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS 2014) has adopted GSAS as the basis for green construction for civic buildings adding further weight to sourcing renewables.


Taking part in this green energy event in Qatar will place you directly in front of potential customers and showcase your products, making the most of this developing market. For more information about Green Expo 2017 and to regsiter your interest please visit


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