Bin Mahmoud Station
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 Project Description
Bin Mahmoud (BNM) is one of the stations of the Doha Metro Gold Line, and is located parallel to Qatari Bin Al Fujaah Street, between the Al Sadd (ASD) station on Gold Line West and Souq Waqif (WAC) station on Gold Line East. The station is classed as a Non-Typical X-Type Station, consisting of two almost parallel I-Type station configurations creating a wedge shaped station box structure, which will be constructed using the cut and cover technique. There are two platforms, both for Gold Line, with one serving phase I and the other serving the future phase II of the Doha Metro. Each platform is an island type with single tracks on each side. There are two entrances at street level, either side of the intersection of Ibn Mahmoud Street and Qatari Bin Al Fujaah Street. There is no defined subway, with both entrances connected to the main station box structure.
 GSAS Project Details
GSAS Scheme Railways
GSAS Certificate GSAS Design & Build Provisional - LOC
Rating(4) STAR
Owner Qatar Rail
Address Fereej Bin Mahmoud South - Qatar