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GORD Academy Qualifies 35 GSAS Certified Green Professionals in the latest Intensive GSAS-D&B CGP Workshop held at QSTP

More than 35 practitioners, representing more than 28 local companies, participated in the three-day GSAS-D&B CGP Workshop organized by GORD Academy

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Research Projects

Space cooling using solar energy and seawater desiccants

This project aims to develop cooling systems that can provide cost effective and sustainable cooling of large spaces in the built environment of hot countries including Qatar and other GCC countries.

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All in One Solar Absorption Cooling for Domestic Application

The project aims to test low grade heat single effect packed absorption chillers with a maximum capacity of 6TR. The chiller is coupled with a standard flat plat solar collectors. The start up temperature of the packed chiller is 70C. Solar absorption cooling technology has gained attention in the past decades and recently in the Gulf Region.

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GCC First ONE TON Low Grade Heat Solar Adsorption Cooling System

The project aims to test the first 1TR cooling capacity solar driven adsorption chiller at its facility. The unique features of the solar driven or waste heat system are the startup temperature can as below as 60C, modular and scalable. The adsorption technology ensures a comfortable temperature.

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