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GORD Academy Qualifies 35 GSAS Certified Green Professionals in the latest Intensive GSAS-D&B CGP Workshop held at QSTP

More than 35 practitioners, representing more than 28 local companies, participated in the three-day GSAS-D&B CGP Workshop organized by GORD Academy

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Research Projects

Use of Energy Maps

This project is focusing on the development of a space resolved database to support integral energy planning for cities, communities and building complexes. The main aim is to identify the potential for energetic optimization of buildings, locations for constructing district cooling networks and potential to integrate renewable energies. A database of the building stock will be developed for a selected area or region and will be joined with map data, based on a Geographical Information System (GIS). The building database will be connected to a building model and infrastructure energy relevant data, as production and distribution of energy, will be also collected as a basis for calculations.

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Conversion of photovoltaic heat to electricity

This research aims to use used air or cooling to achieve better PV efficiency as well as co-generating electric power using thermoelectric generators. The cooling was achieved by fixing two air-cooled circular finned heatsinks behind the PV Panel. The cooled PV consisted of two thermoelectric power generation modules (TEG), connected electrically in series, placed at the interface of the heatsinks and metallic heat absorber plate at the PV back surface to capture and convert the heat energy to electrical energy, making it a PV-TEG Hybrid co-generation system.

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Waste Heat to Energy System

The project aims to develop a hybrid eco-system that could be coupled with any waste heat device such as automobiles exhaust, electric generators, or an source of waste heat to generate electricity.

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Solar Smart Wall panels

The project aims to develop a dynamic panel, a technology that can potentially cut building fabric thermal transmission and its contribution to operating energy by 50% or more using less raw material and thinner wall construction beside electricity generation.

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