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GORD's Newly Launched SEER Tool Well Received by Industry Experts

On 20 April 2017, GORD conducted a workshop on the SEER Tool for 70 delegates working as GSAS - CGP's

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Research Projects

Low Carbon Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement (CSA)

The technical basis for making calcium sulfoaluminate cement (C$A) will use conventional cement making equipment, but with certain essential modifications to enable sulfur combustion and thereby reduce the output of carbon dioxide (CO2). The main novel process modification is the introduction of sulfur combustion partially or wholly replacing fossil fuel in the kiln, the calciner or both.

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Carbon-Negative Magnesium Based Cement (MHCH)

The novel aspect of the proposed system is the use of the CO2-rich combustion gases in the production of solid magnesium carbonate-containing salt formed by contacting the combustion gases with the magnesium-rich retentate of a Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant. The solids which are formed may be combined with other cementitious products.

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Recycled and Synthetic Aggregates

The project also aims to explore the potential of combining novel calcium different types of cement with recycled construction and demolition waste (CDW) streams, initially in precast non-structural units (e.g., kerbing and blocks) through to ‘minimal requirement’ structural units (e.g., lintels, window jambs etc). However using recycled materials must not have an adverse effect on durability or the engineering properties of concrete. There is evidence that certain ‘green’ concretes may have poor carbonation resistance and properties can be adversely affected. Technically these issues can be resolved by careful specification writing for both the aggregates and their use in concrete.

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Green Concrete Products

This section covers the research that to be conducted on the development of two green concrete product families. The first on new types of improved green concrete building blocks, the second on green concrete products that are resistant to salt-induced damage and deterioration in exposed marine environments.

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