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GSAS Districts & Infrastructure

Districts & Infrastructure scheme is used for evaluating the planning and design of urban developments that work to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive places for present and future generations.

GSAS Commercial

GSAS Commercial

GSAS Commercial scheme is used for the assessment of commercial building types serving as offices, conference rooms, foyers, retail spaces, and ancillary areas and workplaces for occupants. Scheme assessments range from a comprehensive measurement of water consumption to an assessment of lighting levels in an office space.

GSAS Mosques

GSAS Mosques

The Mosques scheme addresses buildings containing congregational worship areas.

GSAS Neighborhood

GSAS Neighborhood

The Neighbourhood scheme is used to assess a zone within a district. It may comprise different building typologies designed for a specific functionality or use. The assessment of UC, S, CE and MO categories for the main building will be based on the scheme relevant to the main use, i.e. commercial, educational, hotel or industrial, and all other buildings will inherit the scores achieved by the main building.

GSAS Parks

The Parks scheme is used to rate the ecological impacts of new and existing parks, including onsite amenities such as landscape areas, walkways, and picnic spaces, as well as any minor service facilities including restrooms, storage sheds, or small information centers.

GSAS Residential

Residential scheme building types include all spaces that are used primarily for housing: single-family housing units, multi-unit dwellings, low-rise and high-rise residential complexes.

GSAS Schools

GSAS Schools

Education scheme buildings include educational facilities for students in kindergarten through 12th grade as well as college and university facilities. This includes classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, cafeterias, kitchens, offices, research laboratories and other spaces that are part of academic buildings.


GSAS Hotels

Hotels scheme building types include a variety of spaces including guest-rooms, lobbies, banquet halls, offices, conference rooms, dining areas and kitchens, fitness centers, retail spaces, and ancillary areas such as service apartments, resorts and other associated facilities.

GSAS Light Industry

GSAS Light Industry

Light Industry scheme building types include both operational spaces such as warehouses, workshops, and production facilities and also office areas and the building as a whole.

GSAS Sports

The Sports scheme includes any buildings or venues that are designed to host a sporting event and/or support activities for athletes or competitors, support staff, and spectators. Uniquely, the scheme can be used to assess air-conditioned open stadia.

GSAS Railways

Railways scheme is used for rating the sustainability and ecological impacts of new main station buildings including spaces that serve various functions of a railway station such as but not necessarily limited to platform/concourse, offices, station control room, ticketing, retail, food/beverage areas, and ancillary areas.

GSAS Healthcare

Healthcare scheme is used for rating the ecological impacts of new healthcare buildings, including specialist hospitals, general hospitals, out-patient hospitals, and primary care health centers. The scheme can also be used to assess research laboratories conducting biomedical activities.

GSAS Workers’ Accommodation

The Workers Accommodation scheme is developed based on the international labor standards and best practices employed in different parts of the world. The objective should be to ensure “adequate and decent housing accommodation and a suitable living environment for workers”. This scheme defines the relevant criteria to meet the sustainability objectives of GSAS when designing workers accommodation.

GSAS Existing Building

Existing Building scheme is used to assess the environmental impact of any type of buildings under going major renovations. The scheme provisions takes into consideration the constraints that an existing building is subject to in terms of location, site, form and structure.

GSAS Operations

GSAS Operations

The intent of GSAS Operations: New/Existing Buildings is to assess and rate the environmental performance of existing buildings. The criteria and measurements focus on verifying the performance of buildings and ensuring that occupant health and comfort is maintained.

GSAS Core & Shell

GSAS Core & Shell

The intent of GSAS Core & Shell is to assess and rate the environmental performance of new core and shell construction covering basic building elements such as structure, envelope and mechanical systems. The criteria and measurements focus on verifying the performance of basic building elements to allow flexibility for developers and future tenants to implement separate sustainable design strategies at different times during the lifecycle of the building.

Construction Management

GSAS Construction Management

The intent of GSAS Construction Management is to assess and rate the construction of new buildings. The criteria and measurements are specifically developed to evaluate the environmental impact associated with the construction of buildings and include issues such as construction management, waste management, and material use.

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