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Save the date: Sustainability Summit 2017 26-27 November 2017

GORD is pleased to welcome you to the leading sustainability event in the region.

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In hot climates, it is desirable to reduce the ambient air temperature in order to improve comfort levels; however in hot and humid climates (as in the Gulf Region), removal of moisture from the air (dehumidification) is almost as important as cooling. Conventional air conditioning systems address these issues by cooling air below its dew point such that water vapour condenses on a cooling coil, thus removing moisture from the air. The dehumidified air, in many cases, is then reheated to the desired temperature. QCOOL, an innovative smart patented air conditioning system by Gulf Organisation For Research & Development (GORD), is a fully integrated and controlled ventilating and air conditioning system that provides superefficient, cost-effective, and sustainable fresh air cooling for open or enclosed spaces in moderate, hot or humid climates. Based on the application, QCOOL consists of a single or multi stages that can dehumidify and cool the air to the required comfort level. The system utilizes recycled water and absorbent materials which is extracted from rejected desalination brine. The environmentally friendly desiccant, GORD@DES, has a high affinity for water and capable of absorbing water vapour from their immediate vicinity. QCOOL is locally manufactured, licensed to Sharjah Kuwait Manufacturing (SKM), can be fully driven by waste heat and renewables. 


The case study unit is installed and tested at GORD’s Technohub which is located in Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). During the tested period, the system has shown up to 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional systems. QCOOL is an energy efficient cooling system that can shrink clients’ carbon footprints in a cost effective manner.

The figures below compare the performance of a typical fresh air handling unit (FAHU) with and without heat recovery gainst QCOOL. As shown in the case study, QCOOL reduces the coil load dramatically in addition, it flattens the cooling load ence reduces the peak load. Furthermore, QCOOL utilizes the exhaust to cool the condenser, as a result the electrical COP is proved. Based on the application, QCOOL models consist of a single or multi stages that can dehumidify and cool the air to he required comfort level. QCOOL can be fully driven by waste heat and renewables.


  • Enclosed spaces such residential, commercial and other building typologies.
  • Open spaces such as football stadia, walkways, souks, parks and many others.
  • Healthy and efficient fresh-air to fresh-air heat exchange where the use of return air heat recovery is prohibited such as hospitals, health centres, laboratories, etc.
  • Greenhouses for leisure spaces or crop production is another potential application. The latter would reduce food imports and strengthen national and regional food security.

QCOOL series can be with a range of filter sections and filters to meet requirements for the most demanding applications:

  • Flat or vee filter sections to accommodate 1" or 2" cleanable aluminium media filters can be provided.
  • A bag filter section to house 15", 21" or 30" deep bag filters having efficiencies as desired can also be provided, as required. Filter sections come with latches to provide easy access for removal and for maintenance.
  • On 100% fresh air applications an initial sand trap louvre can effectively minimize entrance of sand into the air stream.
  • High efficiency mini pleat panel filters are available as an alternative for bag filter where space is limited. Filter sections come with latches to provide easy access for removal and for maintenance.
To order a sand trap louvre from SKM, specify fresh air opening size with option ASL.


Designed for ease of handling and low cost to install. The QCOOL Air Cooled Packaged Units are factory assembled and mounted on a rigid base. The unit casing used in QCOOL packaged units is made of zinc coated galvanized steel sheets conforming to JIS-G 3302 and ASTM A653 which is phosphatized then baked after an electrostatic powder coat of approximately 60 microns. This finish and coating pass a 1000 hours in 5 % salt spray testing at 95°F (35°C) and 95% relative humidity as per ASTM B117. The entire casing panels are designed to be leak proof against rain and ensure rain cannot enter the QCOOL series packaged air conditioner interior. Evaporator section sealed by the use of vinyl gasketing material. 
The evaporator section is insulated from all sides with black-neoprene faced heavy density 1” thick fiber glass insulation for models up to QCOOL-52052 and 2” thick fiber glass insulation for models QCOOL-52060 onwards. The insulation cum sound liner meets the fire requirements of NFPA90A and is secured with mechanical fasteners in addition to water resistant adhesive.

Electrical Control Panel

The unit mounted control panel enclosure is fabricated out of heavy gauge sheet steel in phosphatized powder coated baked finish. The enclosure conforms to IP54 as per guidelines in IEC 529. The panel is factory wired in accordance with NEC 430 & 440, labelled, tagged and features 220V / 240V controls.

  • All compressors are with DOL starting.
  • Individual compressor, condenser fan motors and evaporator fan motor contactors.
  • Motor protector circuit breaker for condenser and evaporator fan motors.
  • Unit Controller for the operational and safety control. Control circuit breaker.
  • Voltage monitoring module for protection against under voltage, over voltage, phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance of the incoming voltage.
  • Control circuit on/off switch.
  • Control Relays.
  • Power and control terminal blocks.

Unit Controller

QCOOL units are controlled by a standalone unit controller, which provides all necessary operational and safety control of the units. Two types of controllers are used in QCOOL units, depending on number of compressors.

Units Upto Two Compressors

For unit models with one compressor or two compressors, an electronic control board is provided as standard feature. This has got limited features, but provides an efficient control of compressors and supply fan. This controller has got diagnostic LEDS on board, which will help in trouble shooting of the units. A thermostat is to be used in conjunction with this controller in order to control the unit. Thermostat can be opted from SKM or can be supplied by customer.

Note: Advanced microprocessor based controller can be provided as option, in case required. This optional controller is the same as the one used in units with four compressors and above.

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