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GORD Institute, GORD’s Center of Excellence, runs multi-disciplinary scientific research programs through its own resources as well as its partnerships with local and international institutions. The aim is to foster innovation, advance knowledge, share experiences and build networks to enhance the sustainable built environment.

Research Themes & Projects

GORD Institute’s research activities are inspired by the development of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). The themes of research projects include; carbon & climate change, eco materials, energy efficiency, environmental sciences, HVAC solutions, renewable energy, and water resources & technologies.

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TechnoHub, located in Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), is the platform of GORD Institute to host research programs exploring the application potential of novel and cutting-edge technologies in the MENA region.

It aims to research, assess, develop and promote affordable, clean and efficient sustainable technologies and solutions. GORD’s unique combination of highly competent researchers and engineers helps to adopt creative and innovative approaches for assessing solutions, technologies and systems. 

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Outcomes of multi disciplinary research projects conducted by GORD Institute are disseminated through publications in renowned peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of international conferences.

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International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment (IJSBE), published in collaboration with Elsevier, is a cross-disciplinary, scholarly and open access journal. IJSBE is GORD Institute’s platform to facilitate knowledge dissemination on wide range of topics and themes pertaining to the sustainability of built environment. 

IJSBE aims to encourage researchers to publish their experimental and theoretical research to advance human knowledge and capacity in the areas related to the sustainability of built environment.

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QCOOL, an innovative smart patented air conditioning system by Gulf Organisation For Research & Development (GORD), is a fully integrated and controlled ventilating and air conditioning system that provides superefficient, cost-effective, and sustainable fresh air cooling for open or enclosed spaces in moderate, hot or humid climates. Based on the application, QCOOL consists of a single or multi stages that can dehumidify and cool the air to the required comfort level. 

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