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GORD Academy is a leading institution cultivating a life-long learning environment and disseminating most up-to-date knowledge in the field of sustainability for professionals and corporations working together to craft a green legacy. Our members are key innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow's sustainable world. Join our sustainability drive to help us craft greener built environment, cleaner world and healthier communities.


GORD Academy offers different types of memberships for individuals as well as corporates with exclusive offerings suitable for each type.

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CPD Programs

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs provide opportunities for practitioners & professionals to learn & develop their capacities in areas related to the sustainability of the built environment.

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Become a CGP

Join the GORD green community, obtain your license, and become GSAS – Certified Green Professional. GSAS-CGPs play a vital role in driving sustainability move through the implementation of GSAS on macro as well as micro levels leading to the creation of better living environment.

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Online Exam

The GSAS - CGP workshop ONLINE EXAM is offered through a web-based platform developed according to GSAS requirements. This service offers flexibility, eliminates geographic boundaries and is following the highest international standards.

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LinkMe is an online portal for community networking offered to GORD exclusive members. LinkMe provides the members with the power to create a dynamic member profile, collaborate on projects, participate in events, share ideas, access resources and expertise – and, most important, connect with other members. Members are now able to join groups, chapters and blogs.

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Academy Resource Center

This area hosts GORD Academy useful resources and materials including Academy presentation, membership forms and Academy Guide.

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